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Are there any fees with your service?

Absolutely not. Pure Magic Travel is a 100% FREE planning service.

Can you provide planning services for those travelers with special needs? 

Yes! Our travel ambassadors are educated in planning the best vacation for you or your groups specific needs. From dietary needs/restrictions, disabilities or other various conditions, we are here to assist you to make sure all of your needs are met.

What happens if a promotion becomes available after I book? 

Our travel ambassadors are constantly monitoring any specials or deals that may become available. If a something becomes available that is applicable to your reservation, we will rebook your reservation at the lower price.

Why should I book with Pure Magic Travel versus booking on my own?

We do it all for you! You could spend hours on the phone and internet trying to research the best deals, itineraries and dining experiences and still end up where you started. Our travel ambassadors are here to take the stress and worry out of the planning experience. It is our duty to provide you with top of the line service to make sure every single one of your needs are met. We are here for you from day one of planning until the day you return home.

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